The Magical Feelings of Moodville –
First Day at School.

Seven-year-old twins, Rae and George, must face the challenging journey of starting a new school. Worried, frightened, and sad with a touch of excitement thrown in, they wonder if they will ever get themselves through the school gate. As they arrive, they are quickly swept away to a magical world called Moodville. Here they meet Wren Worry, Seth Sad, Ella Excitement, Nev Nervous, Flora Frightened and Andre Angry, a group of mysterious characters called the Feelings. Will they help Rae and George overcome their overwhelming emotions, or will the twins not make it to school after all? A fun fantasy story about feelings and emotions aimed at exploring the anxieties caused in everyday life, The Magical Feelings of Moodville supports social-emotional learning, encouraging children to ask questions and explore the kind of emotions children find difficult to explain. Which feeling character will be your favourite?

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