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The Magical Feelings of Moodville.

The Magical Feelings of Moodville:
First Day at School.

Seven-year-old twins, Rae and George, must face the challenging journey of starting a new school. Worried, frightened, and sad with a touch of excitement thrown in, they wonder if they will ever get themselves through the school gate. As they arrive, they are quickly swept away to a magical world called Moodville. Here they meet Wren Worry, Seth Sad, Ella Excitement, Nev Nervous, Flora Frightened and Andre Angry, a group of mysterious characters called the Feelings. Will they help Rae and George overcome their overwhelming emotions, or will the twins not make it to school after all? A fun fantasy story about feelings and emotions aimed at exploring the anxieties caused in everyday life, The Magical Feelings of Moodville supports social-emotional learning, encouraging children to ask questions and explore the kind of emotions children find difficult to explain. Which feeling character will be your favourite?


An invaluable book to assist little ones understanding

This is a brilliantly written book for children, it explores the emotions and fears of little ones in a format that they will be able to understand and identify with. I would very much recommend this book to parents with under 8’s a very useful tool in helping your little ones.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Amazing story to discuss starting school and emotions

A wonderful rhyming story all about emotions and starting school. My reception class loved it. So did my nephew who is 3 and is worried about coming back to school after COVID-19. Not only is it great book for starting school a its fantastic book to discuss different feelings. Amazing! Would love to have more stories about Rae and George.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Loved the charactors and the rhyming keeps the kids locked in (reminds me of the Gruffulo books in that respect). Great for children of all ages returning to school or transitioning into the next year group or children in general who suffer anxiety.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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